About us
A boutique agency for every
phase of digital

Like the moon, a brand’s digital identity goes through phases.

As it orbits its natural satellites – customers, partners and stakeholders – it shines at certain moments, and for specific audiences.

We help you chart and navigate this digital journey. When we partner with a client, we examine every phase of digital, from strategy and implementation to monetization and ROI.

Ours is a team of storytellers, builders, tinkerers and analysts… and one of us might be made of cheese.

What we do

Web development

Form over function or function over form? We’ve helped answer the digital age-old question for clients ranging from boutique startups to global brands.

Content strategy

Creating content without a sound strategy is like reaching for the moon on your tiptoes. We blend methodology, analysis and big-picture thinking to produce content that strengthens the bond between you and your audience.

Digital design

Illuminating visuals (our designers prefer minimal copy).


Because lorem ipsum will only get you so far.

Social media

No other phase of digital is as volatile as social media. From auditing to ads, we’ll help you craft and launch your message from the right platform, to the right audience.

SEO & paid search

If we build it, they will come …. because we understand where to direct the twin moon beams of organic and paid media.

Collaborating since 2012

And now, a cluster of logos: